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Interview: Carbek #3

Today we bring you a interview with Carbek. He was the first to reply on the idea of making interview's with rp players on AD. Enojy.

Firewire: Could you maybe introduce yourself a little? Tell me about how long you are playing WoW, why you play on AD, how and when you started doing role play, what other RP games you play and all that good stuff.

Carbek: My name is Carbek, my character's name is Sunwalker Carbek Dawnhoof, son of Bruuf. And I have been playing WoW since The Burning Crusade but I never got the hang of this game until Cataclysm came out. I stopped playing WoW since PVE got a bit boring and began role playing a lot on Garry's Mod HL2RP and when THAT got boring, my brother told me that he was on this server where role play was everywhere and that was also the first time I really looked into the game's lore too. Since then, I've been on this server for almost three years now and the only thing that keeps me on Argent Dawn is all the cool lore I can experiment with it when it comes to character creation. My first guild was on Alliance called Draco Pactum, but since I left I was jumping from guild to guild, to concept to concept and it's brought me to where I am on Argent Dawn today.

I have been playing RPG games beside WoW before such as Star Wars The Old Republic, but I never got into role playing aspect at the time. When I was on Garry's Mod, I was on, what I may personally consider, the most "heaviest" types of role play servers which is Half-Life 2 RP. It's basically living as a malnourished citizen in a city observed by a military known as the Combine who you can join by applying on the server's forums to role play a CP, which are most like police and the OTA who are the SWAT teams.

Firewire: How do you think about the Horde RP scene on AD? Or the RP scene on AD in general? What are your RP - community highlights? F.e.: Your favorite RP events, guilds or community members?

Carbek: While I can't exactly say "which faction is better," my experience in both factions have given me a more open mind about the interesting differences between the two. My most favorite one is how the Horde has always been looked at as a faction of united outsiders, no matter your backgrounds and race. This unlikely alliance of Taurens, Orcs, Undead and Elves creates this strange and wonderful atmosphere and by the end of the day, people really open up to the Horde's gimmick of team work and real patriotism. While the Alliance are capable of doing the same, you can see most races such as humans, dwarves and night elves look at different races and each other very differently and at some cases, quite hostile. While Night Elves have a good reason to dislike Highborne, and the Dwarves disliking each other's clans, humans are all the same among each other but really act individually which has been presented more in role play compared to actual lore such as King Varian and Genn Greymane.

The only thing which stands in the way of this kind of concept is, of course, the OOC issues which I'd rather not go into detail about. But it's great how the community only has one obstacle and nothing else. No struggle, no boundaries in role play with the rest of the community.

My favorite RP event is a split between my very first server event and the pre-patch event for Warlords of Draenor. My first one was called... The Wings of Twilight, I believe it was done last February if I recall. It was about the Twilight Expedition using the Nether Drakes in these dark rituals to make Twilight Drakes I believe? And if they're using a Nether Drake, that may call for bad news. In response, the Horde and Alliance had expeditions which many players attended and it was the first time for my warlock to be in Outland so a LOT was happening.

My favorite guild is my warlock's first one, The Eldritch Covenant. Not only did the members give me a lot of advice on the lore of warlocks and their craft, they also had this great way of Dungeon Mastering that included no rolls, but emotes. It sounds easy, but it was really tricky. Think of a boss fight like one from Lost Planet 2 - You can't just spray and pray, you have to make a tactical approach and hit those sweet spots. There were also puzzles to solve and on most occasions, these events lasted for a long time, taking us across lands and realms such as, of course, the Twisting Nether.

Firewire: Could you tell me a little bit about the lore of the guild you are currently in?

Carbek: Right now, I am not in a guild. But my last one on this character was on a guild called the Runetotem Pride which got a lot more success than I expected for a Tauren only guild. The guild shared the same heritage and goals as the Runetotem Tribe, while also serving the Horde as any good Tauren would do. But the guild was really great and three of my friends, Hrakk, Mahren and Matowa took interest as well. My highlight from that guild was the time when we had this giant kodo march and I was playing Colonel Hathi's March on Spotify.

Firewire: What game changes would you like to see from Blizzard to improve the role playing in WoW?

Carbek: Big question. I would like to see more animation mechanics for when we interact with things or expand some like drinking. So, after you take a sip, your character will hold his cup up all casual like... sounds a bit silly and no one actually uses the drink item in the first place, but from seeing the new models and admiring the gestures and facial expressions they make when they say or do things, I would just like to see a new animation just to see the look on a character's face. One really good new animation would be conjuring actions, where you have the option to just stand there and conjure a spell with effects to do with your class and character.

Firewire: What is your favorite tavern in WoW?

Carbek: The Scarlet Raven Tavern in Duskwood. It's quite the thriller to get warm and cozy by a fire while the undead roam around the outside woods. Sort of reminds me of Minecraft.

Firewire: What is your favorite arena in WoW? (dont think only about real PVP arenas

Carbek: I'm not a PVPer myself, but I do like that orcish/ogre looking arena you can have a match in at Outland's Nagrand.

Firewire: Who is your favorite NPC in WoW?

Carbek: Baine Bloodhoof. He is an under rated(dog) character in my view and I really liked his story through Cataclysm and the books he was involved in.

Firewire: Thank you for your interview.

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